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ICEG European Center

ICEG European Center is an independent economic research institute, focusing its activities on research, macroeconomic and sectoral analyses and forecasts, policy advice and the dissemination of its research output through conferences and publications. While research in ICEG European Center has European-wide orientation, it is focused on analysing economic developments in Central and Eastern Europe.

Research Areas

Economic research in ICEG European Center has five priorities. The first is the analysis of European macroeconomic issues with particular attention to the New Member States (NMS) and Southeast Europe (SEE). The second major topic is empirical and policy oriented research on economic growth, competitiveness and their major determinants. The third area of interest is research on the diffusion of information and communication technologies in the economy and in the society, with particular attention to European, NMS and Southeast European trends. Another key research area is public economics with particular attention to the analysis of tax systems, healthcare and public administration. The fifth area of research is economic geography and regional economics.

Analyses and Forecasts

ICEG European Center prepares regular analyses and forecasts on Central and Eastern Europe, including:

Policy advice

ICEG European Center provides policy advice for the public and private sector at both national and international level. Policy advice for the public sector consists of preparation of macroeconomic analyses and regional studies for ministries, national development agencies and other public institutions. The policy advice for the private sector includes co-operation with both chambers and representatives of the banking and corporate sectors.


ICEG European Center regularly organises conferences and workshops on main policy and research issues. These are either parts of a regular series or belong to special research programmes and projects.


ICEG European Center is a member of several international research networks including EPIN (Economic Policy Institutes Network) run by UNDP. ICEG European Center coordinates three thematic networks: ICEG (International Center for Economic Growth), IESP (Information Economy and Society Partnership) and SEEN (South-Eastern Europe Research Network).

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