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Sectoral roundtable: transport and logistics

Date: 18 June 2008, 14:00-17:00

Venue: Deák Palota, Budapest, Deák Ferenc utca 15.


AmCham and ICEG European Center regularly organise sectoral roundtable discussions on strategic issues of major Hungarian business sectors. The roundtable on the transport and logistics sector covered several topics affecting the competitiveness of Hungarian businesses: rising fuel prices, road tolls and the competition of foreign firms within Hungary.


András Oszlay (ICEG EC): Development trends and competitiveness challenges of the Hungarian transport and logistics sector

Roundtable with invited experts: Péter Bilek (ICEG EC, moderator), Zoltán Bokor (head of department, Budapest University of Technology and Economics), Zsolt Fülöp (executive director, DELOG Ltd.), Lajos Szűcs (head of department, Ministry of Transport, Telecommunication and Energy), Miklós Völgyi (commercial director, MÁV Cargo)