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Conference Proceedings

Electronic publications prepared from papers presented at conferences organised by ICEG European Center

Amcham - ICEG EC - Conference 2008: Central Europen Outlook for Chief Executive Officers
The conference focused on the present and future macroeconomic situation of the Central and Eastern European economies (the Visegrad countries, the Baltic States, Bulgaria and Romania) additionally including Southeast Europe. Especially growth prospects and the determinants of growth were highlighted, but there were also two topical sessions on financial sector issues and labour market and fiscal issues.

ICEG EC Annual Conference 2007: Factor Flows in the World Economy
This electronic publication is based on the presentations of the 2007 Annual Conference of ICEG European Center in Budapest. It contains three papers on the offshoring services and its impacts in India, Germany, and the New Member States and especially in Hungary, a brief study on the labour market and mobility in Southeast Europe and an analysis on the policy responses in dealing with location competition.

Growth and Jobs: Lisbon Challenges in the New Member States
This electronic publication is based on the presentations of the 2007 joint conference of ICEG European Center and MGYOSZ in Brussels. It contains a study and a short analysis on the use of the structural and cohesion funds, a brief paper on the growth performance of the new member states and two other analyses on the labour market challenges.

Financial System and Monetary Policy Challenges in the Southeast European Countries, 2007
The electronic publication contains altogether 5 studies prepared by the participants of ICEG European Center's annual conference on "Growth and Jobs: Challenges to the Lisbon Strategy and European Competitiveness" in April 2006. The studies deal with financial system and monetary policy challenges in the Southeast European countries.

Knowledge Economy, Innovation and Growth in Europe, 2006

Economic and Political Relations after the EU Enlargement:
the Visegrád Countries and Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova