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Methodology for government strategy-building



Ministry of Economy and Transport (GKM)

Aim of the project:

In this project, ICEG EC was contracted by the GKM to work out in full detail the methodology for the design, application and evaluation of the Ministry's sector specific strategies. Besides it was also examined whether the current portolio of sector strategies fully cover the areas (issues) that are under the Ministry's supervision or there are missing strategies.

In the first phase of the project ICEG EC - based on other strategic documents prepared earlier - set up a handbook to address all the relevant issues of government strategy-building. In the second phase five sectors (areas) were chosen ((i) research, development and innovation (ii) energy policy (iii) info- and telecommunication (iv) transport and (v) the business environment of enterprises) and for these very detailed checklists were prepared including all the necessary steps to build a modern and effective sector strategy. The timing and priority of the necessary steps also formed part of these checklists. In the third part of the project ICEG EC co-operated with the Ministry's staff in launching the design of one of the sector strategies (the Uniform Transport Development Strategy) up to the phase of finishing the underlying strategic concept document. .

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