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Observatory on Information Society Take-up in the Eastern EU Member States and Southeast Europe



Institute for Prospective Technological Studies, DG Joint Research Centre, European Commission

Aim of the project:

The freshly launched portal "OISTU" deals with the take-up and impacts of information economy and society developments in the Eastern Member States of the European Union as well as in the countries of Southeast Europe. On this portal, you will find the relevant data, studies, reports collected in relation to this topical and geographical approach.

We all know that the contribution of the use of ICTs and information society to growth in the enlarged European Union is crucial. The documents presenting and analysing the ICT related aspects of the renewal of the Lisbon strategy (either the official ones, produced by the Commission, as the Europe 2010[1], or the ones produced by independent analysts[2]) have increasingly emphasized the role played by information and communication technologies in shaping growth and employment creation in the European Union.

The main aim of the OISTU project is to support the development of regional, national and European Information Society policies in the context of the renewed Lisbon Agenda.

The Observatory will be a tool for knowledge-building and networking in the field of Information Society developments for the actors of the Eastern EU Member States and in Southeast Europe, in order to support and initiate the discussion relevant for the development of information economy and society and for its impact on key objectives of Europe. For further information on the project, please visit: About OISTU »

Further information on the project is available from oistu@icegec.hu