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Background study to Ministry of Foreign Affairs



CENS / Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Aim of the project:

CENS and Institute for World Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences prepared a background study for the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to help preparing the Strategy of the Ministry considering the main global and European economic prospects. ICEG European Center prepared four subchapters to CENS, these examined the following topics: (1) accessability of natural and energy resources, (2) chance and impacts of CAP reform on the Hungarian agriculture, (3) inward and outward foreign direct investment, and (4) accession to euro zone, preconditions and consequences.

These subchapters gave an overview on the topics, especially on interests and aspects of foreign policy. Besides, subchapters reviewed a positive, a negative and a neutral scenario and compared them emphasising the main differences. Based on these the authors formulated their recommendations to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Further information on the project is available from Péter Bilek (pbilek@icegec.hu).