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Competitiveness, Lisbon Strategy and State Involvement 2006


International Technological Public Company, Ministry of Informatics and Communications

Aim of the Project:

The ICEG European Center undertook the preparation of policy papers for the realization of tasks originated from the EU membership in connection with Lisbon Strategy concentrating on the Information and Communication Technology issues.

The main aims of the project were to overview the role of the state in the changing world concerning new economy, to analyse the position of Hungary in the light of Lisbon-type ICT indicators, to investigate the labour market changes in the ICT Sector and to have international experiences on factors influencing successful participation in the world ICT market.

Four policy papers were prepared:

The papers of the project were issued as ICEG European Center Munkafüzet (Working Paper) in Hungarian language on the official website.

For further questions about the project, please call Tamás Borkó at (+ 36 - 1)248-1160/108 telephone number or send an E-mail to the following E-mail address: tborko@icegec.hu.