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Gender Equality Innovative Measures in the Transport Industry



IKEI/European Monitoring Centre on Change (EMCC)

Aim of the project:

IKEI, a Basque research institute, commissioned by the European Monitoring Centre on Change, carried out a research project, where practical initiatives were analysed in selected countries, which intend to mainstream the gender dimension within collective bargaining agreements themselves, both at national, sector or enterprise level and which contain measures in addition to the existing provisions in national law and collective agreement. Those measures were selected where specific attention is paid to two priority research areas: work-life balance and health & safety. In the framework of the project, the Equal Opportunity Plan of Hungarian Railways was analysed in detail, based on interviews, and a thorough description of the background to the plan (sector characteristics, company characteristics, the role of trade union etc.) was provided.

Further information on the project is available from Magdolna Sass (msass@icegec.hu).