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Lessons from Privatization in Central and Eastern Europe


The project focused on assessing the lessons from the privatisation experiences of various Central and Eastern European economies with the goal of comparing them to Hungary . The country studies analysed the various privatisation techniques, the sequencing and speed of privatisation measures in individual countries, the effect of privatisation on fiscal balances and on the evolution of major macroeconomic indicators. The summary study gave a comparative assessment of the Hungarian privatisation practices vis -a-vis the other Central and Eastern European economies, highlighting the positive and negative elements of this process in comparative way.

The project had two major parts, which were built on each other. The first part of the project consisted of preparing the Central and Eastern European country studies. The second part included the preparation of the comprehensive summary report.

The country studies and the summary study prepared by ICEG EC is available under Studies.


Further information on the project is available from office@icegec.hu