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Regional Cluster Development Program



Zala Megyei Vállalkozásfejlesztési Alapítvány (Business Development Foundation of Zala County)

Aim of the project:

With the help of financing provided by the Structural Funds there is an increasing opportunity in Hungary to finance clusterisation and network development among the companies and other economic agents. The project contributed to the research of the above mentioned issues by assessing the sector based opportunities for developing clusters and fostering clusterisation among companies. The study also determined, which sectors may become candidates for successfull clusterisation in the coming years in the Transdanubian Region.

The aim of the study was to examine the role of the cluster development in the economic competitiveness of the West-Danubian region of Hungary, and to provide policy advice for regional policy makers. The study has reviewed the theory of clusterisation and the international literature in this domain. The project also analysed the best practice of several Central and South European countries regarding cluster development. The next step was to provide an overview of the economy and competitiveness of the region and to select - based on the appropriate indicators - the sectors in which the clusterisation has high potential for West - Danubia. Finally, the study provided policy advices for the fostering of cluster - development.

Further information on the project is available from Kinga Endrész ( kendresz@icegec.hu ).