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Regional Aspects of Competitiveness


Ministry of Economy and Transport

Aim of the project:

Related to the preparation of the Competitiveness Strategy, this reseach program assessed the factors determining growth and competitiveness of the 7 NUTS-II regions in Hungary. Within the project broad-based studies and assessments were prepared on the institutional, supply-side factors of growth, the major strengths and weaknesses of the regions' competitiveness. Based on these assessments the studies suggested areas for policy intervention, especially in relation to the use of EU and local development funds.

The summary study assessed the differences and similarities between the regions in terms of their factors of growth, requried policy measures and proposed a framework for dividing region related development funds between the sectorial and regional Operative Programmes in the 2007-2013 budget period.

The final summary study is available for download in Hungarian:

Versenyképességi koncepció regionális vetülete.pdf

Further information on the project is available from office@icegec.hu