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EPIN Research Capacity Development


UNDP (United Nations Development Programme)

Aim of the Project:

Within the framework of the project, ICEG European Center provides research mentoring for the research capacity development component of the EPI (Economic Policy Institutes) Network organised by UNDP. The target group are young researchers from various CIS research institutes. The topics of the individual research projects run by the target researchers are the followings:

- Assessment of remittances of migrant labourers made from abroad and their impact on macroeconomic indicators of the Kyrgyz economy
- Impact of international migration and remittances on economic development and poverty in Uzbekistan
- The study of the relation between economic growth and poverty in the Azerbaijan Republic
- How can financial systems spur growth in transition economies
- Privatisation experiences in some of the CEE and CIS countries. Lessons for Belarus.
- Promoting MSE development for sustainable growth and poverty reduction in Uzbekistan

The homesite of the EPI Network is available at http://europeandcis.undp.org/?menu=p_epin

Further information: Renata Anna Jaksa (rajaksa@icegec.hu).