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Think Tank Partnership on Russian Economic Reforms


ICEG European Center together with Tinbergen Institute (Amsterdam) and New Economy School (Moscow) has been awarded a grant to carry out a project on Central European and Russian economic reforms.

The partnership between the mentioned institutions will carry out research in three areas. The first is related to the analysis of the restructuring of financial sector and the process of financial deepening. The second research area is associated with the institutional and macroeconomic aspects of disinflation in the Central European economies and Russia. The final question addressed is the trade integration of Central European economies and Russia. In the case of the former group of countries the integration to European Union ,while in the latter to the WTO is analyzed.

The proposed research areas are partly overlapping allowing systematic analysis of underlying issues, while in some areas the experiences of Central European economies could be considered in Russia. The research is based on the extensive review of the existing literature, on country studies followed by comprehensive summary studies with conclusions and policy suggestions.

The background of the project and its detailed description can be found under Project part of this page. A brief description of the participating institutions, as well as hyperlinks to their web sites, can be found under Partners. Under Meetings the reports on conferences and workshops is available, while the papers are downloadable.

More information about the project is available from at office@icegec.hu