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Economic and Political Relations after the EU Enlargement:
The Visegrad Countries and Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova


ICEG European Center and the Foundation for Research on the World Economy carry out a project on the future of economic relations between the Visegrad countries and the Western CIS after EU Enlargement. The research program is supported from grants given by Freedom House and UNDP and contains three elements: a kick-off conference, followed by research and completed with dissemination of research findings.

The conference organised on 5-6 February, 2004 was the first event of the program. The conference featured plenary sessions with invited keynote speakers and sessions devoted to special topics including the political and macroeconomic developments in the regions and the relation between them in political and security issues, finance, investments, shadow economy, foreign trade and corporate sector. The conference featured presentations from political scientists, researchers, representatives of business organisations and governments as well as international financial organisations.

The second stage of the program will be devoted to research centered around three issues:

  1. Financial sector linkages between the Visegrad and Western CIS countries,
  2. Trade relations following EU Enlargement
  3. Models of economic growth in the Visegrad and Western CIS countries

The research output will be available after the completion of the studies.

Further information:office@icegec.hu