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Since 2001, the ICEG European Center issues its monthly publication called News of the Month, which includes 3-4 brief analyses dealing with underlying macroeconomic and microeconomic issues. The publication focuses on two groups of countries: Countries of Independent States - CIS (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan) and Eight New EU Members - EU-8 (Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia).

News of the Month, July-August, 2008
Contents: Services trade of selected Visegrád countries – data problems -- Post-war economic prospects of Georgia -- Robust but vulnerable economic growth in Azerbaijan

News of the Month, June, 2008
Contents: Monetary reactions on global challenges in the V4 countries -- Some current issues in foreign trade in the new WTO member Ukraine -- Inflation could reach two digit figures this year in Georgia

News of the Month, May, 2008
Contents: Monetary restriction in a non-supportive environment in Hungary --Skyrocketing inflation threatens Ukraine -- Major shifts in the country composition of Hungarian goods export -- Revalued national currency in Slovakia

News of the Month, April, 2008
Contents: The effect of global slowdown on exports from the new EU members --Cooperation with other economic actors and company competitiveness in the EU-8 -- GSlovakian silver medal in the rally for euro area membership -- Permanent problems associated with inflation in Slovenia

News of the Month, March, 2008
Contents: Outsourcing business services - the emergence of NMS? -- Favourable external trade performance in Hungary -- Growth paradox in Armenia -- Energy related general crisis in Tajikistan

News of the Month, February, 2008
Contents: East-West labour migration in the EU and impacts in the EU-8 -- Eliminated exchange rate bands in Hungary -- Corruption and some economic consequences in the CIS countries -- Economic prospects and challenges in Uzbekistan

News of the Month, January, 2008
Contents: Postponing euro introduction in the Czech Republic -- Slovakia is on the right track to adopt the euro in 2009 -- Corruption and some economic consequences in the CIS countries

News of the Month, December, 2007
Contents: Transnistria - The Unrecognised Country in Moldova -- Sustainability of External Balances in the Baltic Countries -- Monetary Challenges at The End of 2007 in Russia -- Increasing External Imbalances in Ukraine

News of the Month, November, 2007
Contents: The Role of High-tech Exports in V4 Countries -- Increasing Inflationary Pressure in Slovenia -- Changing Factors of Electricity Market in Slovakia

News of the Month, October, 2007
Contents: Flat Tax in Central and Eastern Europe -- Inflation Rate Still Accelerates in Ukraine -- Decreasing Openness and Increasing External Biases of Trade in Russia

News of the Month, September, 2007
Contents: Tourism in the Baltic States -- More Visitors, Higher GDP Growth Rate? -- The Czech Tax Reform in the Light of Competition for FDI among NMS-8 -- Ten-year Record Inflation Rate in Latvia --Stable FDI Performance Despite Political Turbulences in Ukraine

News of the Month, August, 2007
Contents: Positions of NMS-8 Countries on the Road towards Information Society 3 -- Altering Tax Rules in the Czech Republic, Russia and Georgia 8 - Years of Record Growth in Azerbaijan 12 -- Challenges of Economic Structure Transition in Turkmenistan

News of the Month, July, 2007
Contents: Considerable Economic Growth with Regional Differences in Slovakia -- Uzbekistan and its Growth Puzzle -- Delaying WTO Membership of Ukraine -- Development of Monetary Processes in Azerbaijan

News of the Month, June, 2007
Contents: Poland in the EU - Old Historical Wounds, New Economic Conflicts -- Break of Trend in the Hungarian Interest Rate Path -- Competitiveness of the Least-Developed Regions in V4 -- Ukraine Performed Two-Digit Inflation Rate in 2006

News of the Month, May, 2007
Contents: Further Need for Fiscal Adjustment in V4 Countries -- Positive Trends In The Polish Labour Market -- Moldova: High Potential, Weak Performance

News of the Month, April, 2007
Contents: Labour Market Pressures in the Baltic States -- Update of the Czech Convergence Path -- Kazahstan - Agricultural or Industrial Society?

News of the Month, March, 2007
Contents: Inflation Developments of the Eastern European EU Members -- Exchange Rate Development in NMS 8 Countries in 2007 -- Surprisingly High FDI in Poland -- Reviving GDP Growth in Ukraine

News of the Month, February, 2007
Contents: Regionally Considerable Hungarian Outward FDI -- Current Situation of Private Health Insurance System in Slovakia -- Favourable Developments of Czech Labour Market -- Dependent Belarusian Economy and International Trade

News of the Month, January, 2007
Contents: Polish GDP Growth on the Rise -- Five Years of Inflation Targeting Regime in Hungary -- Tajikistan - Economic and Fiscal Performance

News of the Month, December, 2006
Contents: Slovakian Tiger of Tatra - Almost Double-digit Growth in Q3 -- Bohemian Monetary Developments in 2006 -- Fossil Fuels in the Caucasus - Independent Hydrocarbon States

News of the Month, November, 2006
Contents: Decreasing Disparities and Altering Relative Positions Among Eight New Member States -- Rapidly Increasing Inward FDI in Russia -- Promising Trends in the Slovenian Labour Market

News of the Month, October, 2006
Contents: New Aspects of Belarusian Fiscal Policy -- Tourism: An Increasingly Important Sector of Armenian Economy -- Slovenian Plans for Tax Reform -- Oil and Gas Dominated Economic Structures of Central Asia

News of the Month, September, 2006
Contents: Tourism - Treasury of Slovenian Economy -- Transfer Pricing in Hungary -- Regenerating Ukrainian Economic Growth -- Suspicion of Dutch Disease in Russia

News of the Month, August, 2006
Contents: Convergence Program versus Divergence Program: The Beginning of Lost Decade in Hungary? -- Doubts About Slovakia's Fast Euro Area Accession -- Growing Regional Disparity and Social Segregation Enforced by Geographic Factors in Hungary -- Stagnating Output and Continuing Reform of Agriculture in Ukraine

News of the Month, July, 2006
Contents: eLearning and Life Long Learning in the V4 countries -- Devaluating Forint and Higher Inflation Prospects in Hungary -- Boosted Latvian Economic Growth -- Armenia and the Inflation Targeting Regime

News of the Month, June, 2006
Contents: Government Debt in the Baltic States: Fortunate Transition or Prudent Fiscal Policy? -- Introduction of the Euro in Slovenia -- Permanent and Relatively High Inward FDI in Armenia -- Decelerating, but Still High Real GDP Growth Rate in Kazahstan

News of the Month, May, 2006
Contents: Information Society in the V4 Countries -- Revenue Redistribution in Hungary - Analysis of Government Income and Spending -- Estonian Tax-system Developments

News of the Month, April, 2006
Contents: Revolutionary Actions Needed in Public Finances of Hungary -- Good Prospects in Polish Construction Industry -- Demographic Situation and Trends of The Visegradians -- Emerging New Energy Strategy in Ukraine?

News of the Month, March, 2006
Contents: Fluctuant Inward FDI - Slovakia -- Strengthening Ties Between Russia and China in Terms of Trade and Energy -- Russian-Ukrainian Trade: Road Not Yet Smooth to CEA -- Ukrainian Inward FDI Doubled in 2005

News of the Month, February, 2006
Contents: Stagnating Inward FDI Performance in Belarus -- Russia and Ukraine: the Causes and Effects of a Protracted Demographic Crisis -- Agreements for Cooperation Between Central-Asian Countries -- Unemployment Rate in Slovakia is the Second Highest in the EU

News of the Month, January, 2006
Contents: Slovakia's 2004 Year Reforms Fructify -- Recent Update of The Czech Convergence Program-- Russia Hopes to Join WTO by The End of 2006 -- Ukrainian-Russian Gas Dispute is Temporarily Finished

News of the Month, December, 2005
Contents: Buoyant Economic Growth by the Baltic Tigers -- Slovakia is in The Exchange Rate Mechanism II. -- Continuously Surpassing Inward FDI in Kazakhstan

News of the Month, November, 2005
Contents: Significant Performance of Inward FDI Hungary-Overview of Polish Labour Market: Decreasing Unemployment and Low Wage Growth -Russian GDP Growth Rate Softened to 5,5% -Decelerating, but Still High Inflation in Ukraine

News of the Month, October, 2005
Contents: Price stability in The Czech Republic -- Hungary - the dilemma of agricultural and rural development subsidies -- Oil production and the economy of Russia -- Worsening economic performance in Ukraine

News of the Month, December, 2004
Contents: Recent Macroeconomic Trends in Poland -- Czech Republic - Unchanged Key Interest Rates Reflect Optimism -- Unstoppable Crown Firming -- Kazakhstan: Tendencies in the Economy and Sector Overview

News of the Month, November, 2004
Contents: Sharp Crown Appreciation, Does It Trigger Further Monetary Easing? -- Forint Appreciation: the Factors Behind it and its Sustainability -- Monetary and Fiscal Developments and Short-term Prospects in Russia

News of the Month, October, 2004
Contents: Macroeconomic and Policy Trends in Poland -- Ukraine: Macroeconomic Trends In the Shade of Presidential Election -- Recent Trends in Oil and Gas Production in Kazakhstan

News of the Month, September, 2004
Contents: Significant Budget Overshoot, an other Serious Credibility Loss -- Slovenia Joined the ERM II -- Privatization of Financial Sector in Poland -- Rising GDP Growth, Monetary Tightening Is on the Way in the Czech Republic

News of the Month, Summer, 2004
Contents:Polish Central Bank Surprised the Market and Kept Base Rate on Hold -- Firming SKK, War Between the Market and the Central Bank -- Agreement on the Constitutional Treaty -- Approval of the Convergence Programs of the New Member States

News of the Month May, 2004
Contents: Excellent GDP Growth in the First Quarter in Romania -- Inflation Forecast and Monetary Policy in Hungary -- Continued Economic Revival and Rising Inflation in Poland -- Inflation in Slovakia: Driven by Authorities

News of the Month April, 2004
Contents: : Croatia: Closer to EU Membership -- Hungary: 100 Basis Points Rate Cut in Three Steps -- Tax Competition and EU-accession

News of the Month March, 2004
Contents: Strengthening Economy and Rising Inflation Expectations in Poland -- Worsening Trade Balance and Increasing Current Account Deficit in Romania -- Attempts at Reducing Public Deficits in Central and Eastern Europe

News of the Month February, 2004
Contents: : Unexpected 25 Basis Points Rate Cut, the Way Forward is Uncertain -- Soaring Current Account Deficit in Estonia -- General Elections in Croatia - Interventions on Both Sides within Two Weeks by the Croatian National Bank

News of the Month January, 2004
Contents: Poland on the Way to Recovery, but Still in the Need of Structural Reforms -- New Minister of Finance in Hungary, New Fiscal Strategy? -- Ukraine: Foreign Trade Trends in 2003

News of the Month Nr. 15, December, 2003
Contents: Hungary: 300 Basis Point Policy Rate Hike -- Lithuania: Permanent Deflation -- Kazakhstan: Inflation Under Control -- Slovakia: Latest Budget Developments -- Hungary: Increasing Current Account Deficit

News of the Month Nr. 14, November, 2003
Contents: Hungary: Inflation Target for 2005 and Prospects till 2006 -- Poland: Continuing Uncertainty -- Latvia: Increasing, but Still Moderate Inflation -- Ukraine: GDP Growth Prospects Revised Upward -- Romania: Functioning Market Economy or Not?

News of the Month Nr. 13, August-September, 2003
Contents: Macroeconomic Developments in the Polish Economy -- Budget Deficit Problems in Croatia -- Inflation in Slovakia -- Improving Fiscal Stance in Slovenia -- Reform-process in Kazakhstan -- Rapid Disinflation in Estonia

News of the Month Nr. 12, August, 2003
Contents: Unemployment in the Slovak Republic -- Fiscal Developments and Uncertainties in Hungary -- Steady Economic Growth in Croatia -- Shifting of the Central Parity of the Forint's Fluctuation Band in Hungary

News of the Month Nr. 11, June, 2003
Contents: Economic Growth in Estonia -- Romania's New Reference Currency -- Moderate Inflation in Slovakia -- New Target for FDI: Kazakhstan -- Inflation in the Czech Republic -- Good Prospects for GDP Growth in Ukraine

News of the Month Nr.10, April 2003
Contents: Public Debt in the Czech Republic -- Hungarian and Croatian FDI -- Recent Macroeconomic Developments in Poland -- Changes in Hungarian Balance of Payments Statistics

News of the Month Nr.9, March 2003
Contents: Czech Unemployment -- Issues in Hungarian Inflation Targeting -- Foreign Trade Trends in Russia -- Recent Macroeconomic Developments in Bulgaria -- Ukrainian Economic Growth

News of the Month Nr.8, February 2003
Contents:Exchange Rate Developments in Slovakia, Poland, Croatia and the Ukraine

News of the Month Nr. 7, January, 2003
Contents: Brief Analyses and Outlooks for Inflation in Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland, Slovenia and Ukraine

News of the Month Nr. 6, October 2002

Contents: Growth Prospects in the Czech Republic and Slovakia -- Output Performance in Romania and Estonia

News of the Month Nr.5 July 2002

Contents: Inflation in Slovakia -- Slowing Growth in Czech Republic -- Trade and Current Account Imbalances in Eastern Europe -- Fiscal Problems in Hungary -- Weakening of the Slovak Crown

News of the Month Nr.4 April 2002

Contents: Fiscal Tensions in Eastern Europe -- Monetary Policy in Poland -- Current Account Problems in Latvia and Slovakia -- Free Trade Zones in Hungary

News of the Month Nr.3 March 2002

Contents: Inflation in Czech Republic -- Trade Balance in Estonia -- Unemployment in Poland -- Inflation in Romania -- Economic Growth in Hungary

News of the Month Nr.2 February 2002

Contents: Inflation in Hungary -- Czech Monetary policy -- Serbian Banking Reform

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