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Economic Growth and Competitiveness - Projects



Major current research programs:

EPIN Training Workshop and Mentoring

Background study to Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Background studies to updating Hungarian External Economy Strategy

Major past research programs:


The Impact of Sustained high Oil prices on the European Economy

CEE-Cluster Network


Competitiveness, Lisbon Strategy and State Involvement 2006

External financing of Hungarian small and medium-sized Enterprises between 2000-2005

EPIN Research Capacity Development

Supplements and Proposals for the Revision of the National Action Plan

Employment Initiatives for an Ageing Workforce in the New Member States plus Romania and Bulgaria

Good Practices Consultant for the Investment Reform Index

Investment Opportunities in the Energy Sectors of Southeast European Countries



The Conditions and Possibilities of cClusterization in the Household Appliances Industry in Northern Hungary

The Development Prospects of the Hungarian Transportation and Logistics Sector

Ten-year Development Program of Regional Clusters

Competitiveness Strategy

Regional Aspects of Competitiveness

Background Study to Prepare the Hungarian Investment Incentive Strategy


Think Tank Partnership on Russian Economic Reforms

Quality Assurance for Various Background Sstudies for the National Development Office


Alternatives for Exchange Rate Regimes in Advanced Transition Economies

Expected Effects of the EU Accession on the Visegrád Countries:
Analysis of the Sector-Specific Effects of the EU Accession on the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia

Lessons from Privatization in Central and Eastern Europe

Restructuring and Development of the Banking Sector in Advanced Transition Countries



Managing Foreign Capital Flows in Transition Economies of Central and Eastern Europe